This high-quality system provides the basis for detailed diagnoses of typical eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration. It also features a database and imaging software which allow us to establish a baseline and image comparison for disease monitoring. It is fully integrated with our electronic medical software.

ZIESS ATLAS corneal topography

The Corneal Topography System is a diagnostic instrument that measures the curvature of the cornea and produces topographical images of cornea. It is used in contact lens fitting and to identify abnormal or pathological corneas including keratoconus.

Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA™)

Visual field tests assess the potential presence of blind spots which could indicate eye disease. Brain abnormalities such as those caused by strokes or tumors can affect the visual field. In fact, the location of the stroke or tumor in the brain can frequently be determined by the size, shape and site of the visual field defect.The humphrey field analyzer is used in glaucoma diagnosis and management.

Marco M3 (auto refractor/keratometer/non-contact tonometer)

The Marco M3 gives us a computerized reading of a patient’s refractive status, the curvature of the central portion of the cornea, and measurement of the eye pressure (a screening for glaucoma.) It helps us with our examination to come up with the best prescription for the best vision and helps make certain your eyes are healthy.

Practice Director Electronic Medical Software

Practice Director EHR has a variety of features to help streamline health record management and day-to-day practice administration.

Briot Accura Lens edger

This instrument allows us to finish lenses in house thus providing more quick and convenient service to our patients.